Product No : 320RD
Cooling capacity 27500 kcal/h Safety equipment Soluble plug melting point at 105 ± 2 ℃ High-pressure switch :380 ± 10psi-ON, Low-pressure switch :7 ± 3psi-ON ( ON is the compressor to stop operating )
110000 /BTU/h
Wind volume of the evaporator 4900 m3 / hr
Wind volume of the condenser 8500 m3 / hr Model of the compressor BS - 630
Refrigerant / Volume R 134a/6.0kg Capacity of exhaust 618c.c.
Consume the electric current Lo:46A Me:52A Hi:75A Number of cylinder W-6
Generator standard /Weight DC 28V-140A/17kg Freezing oil / Capacity SW100 / 1750c.c.
WeightCondenser 80kg Speed of compressor 500~3000rpm
Evaportor 36kg×2 Weight of the compressor 54kg(Include belt pulley)



32CD-5 condenser


LEV147 Evaporator