Product No : 39RS
Product Description

New generation direct connecting type air conditioning system

  • Adopt the KS-750 high-efficiency compressor, the main body made of the aluminum alloy die-casting, concurrently with the light and the good radiation characteristic.
  • The air conditioning system of the external shell adopts high-quality powder coating spraying.
  • R -134a refrigerant is used in conformity with the international environmental protection standards.
  • The condenser uses anti-corrosion and high-density pre-coating type is adopted (blue hydrophilic aluminium fin-stock).
  • The condenser matches based on"SUPER COOLER ," a super condenser design.
  • The control panel provides the trouble code prompt function; which can be control system condition certainly.
  • We are the first QS9000/ISO9002 certified company in the same trade in Taiwan.
  • Patent of our company:ZL 96 2 2644.0/ZL 96 2 18366.0/5934093/ZL 2005 2 0017347.3/ZL 2005 2 0017348.8/ZL  2006  2 0137282.0/106187/M 273469/M 274266/M 293175.

Model of air conditioning 39RS Safety equipment Soluble plug melting point at 105 ± 2 ℃ High-pressure switch :380 ± 10psi-ON, Low-pressure switch :7 ± 3psi-ON ( ON is the compressor to stop operating )
Energy efficiency ratio 34800 kcal / hr
139200 BTU / hr
Wind volume of the evaporator 5500 m3 / hr Model of the compressor KS-750
Wind volume of the condenser 9860 m3 / hr Weight of the compressor 55kg(Include belt pulley)
Refrigerant / Volume R 134a/7.0kg( Include the lower8.0kg) Number of cylinder W-6
Generator standard /Weight DC28V-140A/17kg Capacity of exhaust 755c.c.
Consume the electric current L50A M55A H60A Freezing oil / Capacity SW 100 /1700c.c.
Weight of air conditioning 152kg Speed of compressor 500~3000rpm

Measurement of the 39RS air conditioning system

39RS Air conditioning system

The diagram of installing for the 39RS bus