Product No : O3
Product Description

Special O3 ozone air purifier for buses

  • Ozone could oxidative decomposition virus to the cell membrane due to highoxidizing properties of ozone and be achieved the effect of sterilization. Remove virus, bacteria, propagule of bacteria, and so on in the air and avoid contamination.
  • The air could be rapid purification due to ozone characteristics of negatively charged ions. It could efficiently eliminate the smell of smoke nicotine, musty, fishiness, winey, carbon monoxide, toluene etc
  • Absorb the suspended particles fast and dispel the smog rapidly.
  • Release a little amount of ozone for refreshment and fatigue elimination.
  • The equipment is automatic control system, can combined with air conditioning to achieve clean efficiency in bus.


O3 Ozone air purifier (BS15)

Germicidal ozone lamp installation example