Goal of Management

To become more competitive on the market, we make use of the experiences that we have accumulated for the years to actively develop air conditioning systems of high efficiency to meet the demands of our customers.

Research and Development

Customers' requirements are understood through our practical experiences on the market for years. We are active in conducting R&D on our products so as to provide comfortable and low noise air conditioning systems to our clients. (See Fig. 1.)

Sales Home and Overseas

We are active in retaining our existing customers in the country and overseas as well as developing new clients. Move efforts will be made to develop the foreign markets so as to solidify the foundation international at current stage.

After-sales Service

By building up a mobile network of service, coupled with skill transference, we shuttle between customers to provide comprehensive after-sales service.

Adequate Stock

We maintain a sufficient stock to provide excellent quality parts to our customers. Development of the parts for new products is greatly emphasized to replace old parts and to ensure the operation life of the products.

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    ( Fig. 1.)